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DIM BioConvS - Lab affiliation form

Starting january 2024, all labs belonging to the BioConvS network or wanting to be part of the DIM BioConvS network need to file an affiliation request through this online form
By filling this form, you confirm that you either have the authorisation of your group leader to request to adhere to BioConvS, or that you are your group's leader.
Please note that only members of labs that adhere to BioConvS can apply for grants, trainings or conferences sponsored by our DIM.
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The collection of the data in this form is necessary to participate in the activities of the DIM BioConvS. By submitting this form you accept to being contacted in the context of the DIM BioConvS activities and for your lab to be listed as a BioConvS member on the website bioconvs.org. At any moment you can contact chiara.fracassi@u-paris.fr to demand the suppression of the submitted data. Please note that suppression of the data will result in exclusion from the DIM BioConvS network.